Amazon Web Services (AWS) has been slowly but sure dominating the cloud hosting world.  Today MyLoans™ Patient Account Financing team is proud to announce it now fully supports AWS deployments.  Utilizing the Relational Database Service (RDS),  Simple Storage Service (S3) and Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) MyLoans can now be deployed in seconds with no capital outlay for hardware and an infinite ability to support your MyLoans roll out.  Amazon’s successful execution and audit of nearly every major assurance program has enabled us to provide a cloud delivery option to our financial institution customers while meeting their stringent compliance requirements.


According to Steve Wood, Senior Partner at Epic River, “AWS allows our Financial Institution customers to maintain the network control and compliance they desire while significantly improving implementation times and infrastructure scalability.”

If you think AWS sounds neat but there is no way it would clear risk and IT, take a look at this whitepaper, and it just might change your mind.

AWS has enabled MyLoans™ customers to deploy for less than $100/month and automatically scale the size, availability and recoverability of the database and web application.  We have been producing software for financial institutions long enough to know the glacier-like speed of technology adoption in this industry, but we see the writing on the wall and MyLoans™ Patient Account Financing is ready for the next step forward for IT infrastructure in financial institutions.