Is it really worth 1%?

And by “it” I mean indirect auto financing.  I understand that its been around forever, but this paragraph from the FDIC has me realizing why so many MyLoans customers use patient financing as a consumer lending alternative to failing or failed indirect auto financing programs.

Competition in the automobile lending market, driven by captive finance companies, has increased significantly in recent years and is not expected to diminish in the near term. The results are thinning collateral and smaller net interest margins. The potential for heightened risk to insured institutions in the compliance and safety and soundness areas can be mitigated only through prudent lending policies and procedures, adequate internal controls, and strong oversight.

Sheesh.  I don’t know about you, but if I was getting a couple percent on my money I wouldn’t want to see it tied to the FDIC saying, “heightened risk” and “strong oversight.”  The tightening of the indirect auto loan market has sent many banks running away from car dealers and towards medical practices.  The obvious difference is loans originating in MyLoans Patient Financing are guaranteed and therefore no real risk to the bank, but a more subtle difference is the competition.  The FDIC quote above begins with “competition.”  That says a lot to me.  The market for indirect auto loans is so over-saturated and the rates are so tight that it barely makes sense.  When you add in all the nonbank auto financing companies, you end up with a very red ocean.

If you are tired of the competitive pressure, compliance focus and razor thin margins of indirect auto financing, it might be time to take a serious look MyLoans Patient Financing.

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