debt-collectorsNo one involved in aggressive debt collection attempts enjoys the process. Whether you are the one contacting the borrower to collect or the borrower receiving the communications, most would prefer not to be involved. Last week American Banker published an article outlining the reasons why the CFPB needs to regulate debt collection. It was suggested that the CFPB should define the appropriate communication channels and the frequency of communications to borrowers. Communication guidelines along with consumer disclosures are all areas that could be covered by regulation. It is unknown if the CFPB will become involved based on American Banker’s recommendation, but there are already regulations in place around fair debt collection practices, and there is no reason to assume that these will not expand.

I’m sure there aren’t many financial institutions that would be excited about increased regulation. While most would agree there are some debt collection practices–that even though legal–aren’t ideal for the borrower, the premise of collecting debt is very important to financial institutions. Rather than advising on debt collection practices, I would recommend a source of loan volume that won’t lead to the need for aggressive collection attempts. The MyLoans program provides a high volume of consumer loans but due to the relationship between the financial institution and medical provider, the financial institution never has to go after the borrower in default situations.  Avoid the unpleasant debt collection processes and potentially increasing regulations by utilizing the MyLoans program to increase loan volume.

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