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Innovative Approaches to High Deductibles Help Employers and Employees

By | February 16th, 2016|News, Providers|

Whereas every employer recognizes the benefit of High Deductible Health Plans (HDHPs) on their bottom line, the impact on employee satisfaction is far from positive.   No one is questioning HDHPs' ability to help employers control their healthcare costs.  A recent Modern Healthcare article discusses the results of a new working paper from the National [...]

A New Delay to Patient Account Collections

By | February 5th, 2016|News, Providers|

The credit bureaus have agreed to implement a six-month delay before reporting medical debt on a consumer's credit report.  This sounds great for consumers, but I've always been concerned with downstream ramifications. Cash rich hospitals and hospital systems will be just fine. They'll barely notice another six months before collections kick in. But what about [...]