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Recourse Option

Recourse Option

The financial institution establishes a repurchase agreement with the medical provider. This agreement outlines the maximum funding limit and other terms and conditions, including loan terms and rate of interest to be charged. The financial institution purchases the loans from the medical providers and services the new customer loans in accordance with the established terms and conditions of the repurchase agreement with the medical provider. Medical loans are subject to repurchase by the medical provider in the event of default as depicted in the repurchase agreement.

Non-Recourse Option

Non-Recourse Option

This works essentially the same as the recourse option with the critical difference being the financial institution does not purchase the loans from the medical provider. In this option, the financial institution underwrites the loan and forgoes its option to re-assign a defaulted loan to the medical provider.

Web Application Interface

Web Application Interface

To streamline loan submissions, MyLoans Healthcare Financing™ offers a Bank Data Exchange module. This well-documented, secure, web-service programming interface allows your team or IT partner to integrate MyLoans Healthcare Financing™ with your existing systems for maximum automation and minimum processing cost per loan.

Custom Development Team

Custom Development Team

If you do not have internal development resources or a system integration partner in place, MyLoans Healthcare Financing™ has a custom development team with decades of experience integrating loan origination, loan processing and document imaging systems. The MyLoans Healthcare Financing™ team can help you scope your integration needs, determine feasibility, provide estimates, develop the integration or help you find a local system integrator with whom you can partner.

Thousands of Loans Are Booked Every Day with MyLoans™

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From the Blog

Time to Connect at the D+H User Conference #Connections14 #MyLoans

Connections 2014

Stop by and see Jessica and Mark from the MyLoans team at the D+H (formerly Harland Financial Solutions) annual user conference.  We’re at Booth #22!

The Connections conference is a fantastic place to learn and connect with some of the best banks, credit unions and software providers in the financial institution industry!  If you’re not here this year you should really plan on coming next year.  The compliance and risk education together with the product training is truly an impressive combination.

It only gets more impressive this year as the show now combines last year’s MortgageBot, HFS and D+H user conferences into one amazing event!



MyLoans + AWS = Great News for Healthcare Financing

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has been slowly but sure dominating the cloud hosting world.  Today MyLoans™ Healthcare Financing team is proud to announce it now fully supports AWS deployments.  Utilizing the Relational Database Service (RDS),  Simple Storage Service (S3) and Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) MyLoans can now be deployed in seconds with no capital outlay for hardware and an infinite ability to support your MyLoans roll out.  Amazon’s successful execution and audit of nearly every major assurance program has enabled us to provide a cloud delivery option to our financial institution customers while meeting their stringent compliance requirements.


According to Steve Wood, Senior Partner at Epic River, “AWS allows our Financial Institution customers to maintain the network control and compliance they desire while significantly improving implementation times and infrastructure scalability.”

If you think AWS sounds neat but there is no way it would clear risk and IT, take a look at this whitepaper, and it just might change your mind.

AWS has enabled MyLoans™ customers to deploy for less than $100/month and automatically scale the size, availability and recoverability of the database and web application.  We have been producing software for financial institutions long enough to know the glacier-like speed of technology adoption in this industry, but we see the writing on the wall and MyLoans™ Healthcare Financing is ready for the next step forward for IT infrastructure in financial institutions.


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