MyLoans Healthcare Financing™

by Epic River

MyLoans was created by Epic River at the request
of banking partners to ease the stress of the
growing demand for healthcare financing.

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Affordable Care Act deductibles in 2016

are as high as $13,700 for a family plan.*


MyLoans™ enables patients

to afford the ever-increasing

costs of healthcare.


MyLoans enables healthcare providers to assist their patients with low-interest bank loans  to cover deductibles, co-insurance and self-pay.


Patients are responsible
for a portion of
their medical costs.

The provider creates a loan for
the patient and assigns the loan
to the financial institution.

The financial institution purchases the
loan and immediately transfers the
funds to the provider's account.

Financial Institutions

Book Guaranteed Loans for Patients

Our team will setup healthcare providers to originate loans through our secure, cloud-based system. Your financial institution will then have the option to purchase these loans for servicing.

Medical Providers

No Fees and Recover all Patient Responsibility Upfront

Where MyLoans has been rolled out, the impact has been dramatic. Recovery of patient responsibility has increased from a meager 45% to over 80% all while lessening the overall collections effort.

Millions of dollars in medical bills are paid every year using MyLoans™.

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User Reviews

“My medical clients are thrilled to have another financing option available and MyLoans makes it so easy.”
Pinnacle Bank
“This solution has allowed us to expand our services as well as increase customer satisfaction.”
Bank of Colorado
“[MyLoans Healthcare Financing™] assisted us by providing a user-friendly, web-based solution that allows a provider of medical services to negotiate appropriate repayment terms directly with their patient, provide a quote to the patient even before the cost is incurred, and subsequently create the healthcare loan documentation – all from their office without any delay or paperwork submission.”
Home State Bank

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